Thursday 4 September 2014

Guardians of the galaxy published concepts

I was lucky enough to be tasked by Guardian's production designer Charlie Wood to design Xandar overall look. There is many more visual done, but for now I'm only showing the pictures published in the official art book.


  1. Oliver,

    Wonderful work - I was wondering how exactly you incorporated Vue in these shots. From my experience, Vue still has not solved the flickering issues with their tree/plant system when the camera is animated. I know ILM and others have used Vue in the past, but they would end up rendering a frame, and projecting the environment if animation was called for.

    Can you elaborate on how exactly you pulled off these shots using Vue?



  2. Hi Matt,

    Thanks. Those are not shots, but pre-production concepts, therefore are only still images. I would say there is 30% of Vue elements per image, everything else is Photoshop...

  3. Hi mr Pron,
    I really liked a lot your work on the guards.
    Indeed, the design of Xandar evoked me a lot the Palm Islands from Dubai.
    I was just wondering from where comes the inspiration necessary for the creation of the buildings of the Xandar. I mean, have you designed them on your own? And if it is, from where this inspiration came to you? As well for Xandar, Jupiter Ascending was breathtaking. I was even more thinking about how you managed to make is indeed quite wonderful, i was a bit thinking about the work of Isamu Kamikokuryo on Final Fantasy XIII on Eden And i really appreciate to know how you managed to imagine that..i'm actually a french student of 16, still a beginner, and i'd love to know where your inspiration comes from please. You're quite an exemple for me, thanks a lot if you reply to me and read this comment until the end.


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